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Relationship and Love spells 3
Beauty, Happiness and Wealth spells
Beauty, Happiness and Wealth spells 2
Beauty, Happiness and Wealth spells 3
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Other spells 2

Arabella's Offering YOU Three Free Spells Now!
Arabella is the one responsible for turning my life around!
I cannot speak more highly of her and what she teaches.
Please read my story below - its still gives me goosebumps!


Mind the threefold law you should

Three times bad and three times good


Luck Spell by Juniper

On the night of a full moon, look towards it and say aloud these words ;

'Lady of Luck come to out of your hidden course,
Bless your light upon me as the light of the moon shines above
And in the light of luck will be blessed I
When the moon is next to be full
So mote it be '

When saying this imagine your life being enriched with luck

Become wealthy by the light of a full moon by Juniper

Fill a cauldron with water and on the night of a full moon set the cauldron on a drawing of the pentagram (in charcoal) outside in the moonlight and drop a pure silver coin in the cauldron and leave it overnight.

Laurel leaves of darkness,
their prayer of the night chants,
to thee shall be in good wealth,
and in good prosperity the charm grants;
the charm of the pentagram.'

Spell for self-confidence by Juniper

*Incense blend: Frankincense, benzoin, dragons blood, mace, orange peel, rose petals

*golden yellow candle

During full moon

Form your magick circle and be very still. Imagine warmth within you, gathering behind your navel and gradually spreading outwards so the whole of your body feels warm and glowing. Light a golden yellow candle and say:

"May my inner confidence glow like this candle flame
May it be an ever-burning flame inside me
May it grow like the moon and, having reached fullness,
Remain constant as the northern star.
As this candle burns and is transformed,
So my inner confidence becomes complete
So shall it be."

When you are ready, close down your circle and end the ritual. You may like to put the candle somewhere safe to burn out, or relight it each day until it is finished.

A Confidence Spell by Juniper

*amethyst, bloodstone or desert rose

*yellow candle

*rosemary or dragon's blood incense

Carry a stone of amethyst, bloodstone, or desert rose - this can be done in a piece of jewelry or in the pocket. Carrying any of these stones helps to increase confidence.

Do this spell for three nights during the waxing moon. Light a yellow candle and place the stone that you have chosen before the candle. Light some rosemary or dragon's blood incense. Meditation is good for this ritual if you wish. Envision being confident and gaining the strength you need.

Chant thrice:

'Growing stronger with the moon
Tonight I ask of Her a boon
With candle flame and stone as key
My confidence returns to me'

Happiness spell

* blue candle
* white candle
* childhood pict of yourself happy

Light candles and meditate on the picture and say:

"Love, Warmth, Happiness of a child. Sadness be gone and innocence be mild."

Chant until you feel better

To attract self love by Juniper

*1 mirror, big enough for you to be able to see your body face in it

* 4 white candles

* Rose incense,  or Rose essential oil in an oil burner

Place the candles so that when you are sitting on the floor, there is one in front of you, one behind you and one on either side of you.  Light the candles and turn out all the lights.  Light the incense, or oil burner candle, and look into the mirror.  As you look at your reflection, look at all your features, and realise how beautiful you really are.  If you can stand up and still see your whole body, that is good, if not, continue sitting.  As you look at each part of your body, say out loud something good about that part, for example:

 Blessed be my eyes, for I like the colour


 Blessed be my hair, for it shines like Black marble

Remember to say something good about the not-so-nice parts of your body too!

 Blessed be my belly, that it may wobble as I laugh

When you have finished appreciating your whole body, smile to yourself and say:

 I am special, as I am a child of the Goddess,
She is within me, and around me, I am surrounded by love

Conclude the spell by making a list of all the wonderful things about you, things you like about your body, talents you have, dreams you haveanything you like about yourself, and place this list somewhere you will be reminded of it often


Money Drawing Spell by Juniper

This spell will help when you want to attract money.

Three Silver Coins (any kind of coin will do)

*Your Pentacle

A Pen


*A Magnet

When the moon is waxing first, write down in the notebook the amount of savings you have. Everytime you make a deposit or put coins in your money box, add this sum to your little book. This will soon become a complete record of your finances. And being able to see how your money is accumulating will be a great inspiration to you to keep saving.

Second, use this old witches trick on all your money. It is an old magickal way to protect your money and bring prosperity into your life.

Draw a tiny pentagram on all your notes and put a dab of patchouli oil on your coins. This will ensure that money you spend will come back to you times three.

Go through your wallet or purse every evening, marking any unmarked notes and dabbing oil onto all your coins.


To Change Appearance by Juniper

This spell is to give the illusion of change in appearance. Recite the following with meaning and firmness. Repeat as many times as you feel needed.
"Blazing fire
As you dance
Call upon
My sacred glance.
Call upon
My second sight
Give me (what you want)
With your light.
Blazing fire
Shinning bright
Give me now
My second sight."

Healing Spell for Happiness by Junipe

"Happiness, I call on you,
Bring with you your magick too.
For I am unhappy, I wish not to be,
Grant me your power
To live in peace and harmony.
So mote it be!"

After you say the spell, draw a pentagram on your power hand (right for a right-handed person, left for a left-handed person) and draw a happy face on your other hand. It doesn't have to be big, just something to represent happiness.

To have a great day by Juniper

Chant while you start the day:

Lady of luck come round this way,
do me a favour and bless this day
in my favour may good luck come and stay,
may it be even greater than I can say.

To Gain Respect / Popularity by Juniper

Begin on a Sunday and perform for 9 consecutive days.
Light a gold or yellow candle and visualize, see yourself the way you want to be seen through their eyes. (take your time on this part)
Now speak the following:
'I give respect
I receive respect
I give love
I receive love
I desire love and respect
By the power of the three fold law,
I will receive them!'
This can be chanted silently as a quick respect getter.


Hair growth spell by Juniper

Cast this spell on the New Moon on a Friday at Mid day.

*Materials a picture of you

* pink body candle

* four pink votive candles

* some of your hair


Light the four votive candles, smash the tomato and pour a bit of the juice on to your hair. Place your picture under the pink body candle then on the pink body candle put a few pieces of your hair (on the head part). Light the pink body candle and say the following:

'My hair will grow,

My hair will grow,

Faster and Longer it will grow,

As the New moon grows so will my hair/ As the Full Moon shines on me, my hair will grow,

North, South, East and West, make my hair grow faster at its best.

With harm to none, Blessed Be!'

Continue using the tomato every afternoon for about 30 minutes and then rinse it off, and you will notice your hair will grow faster and will have more shine.

Spell for confidence by Juniper

As you walk about say inside your head

"I am a powerful witch and my powers are real"

Scream it or chant it inside your head. Imagine creating fireballs or lightning in your head as you say it to increase the force of your power.

Visualise your aura clearing and show that you can be confident.

Take a breath and whisper,

"Water, fire, earth and air,
Leave me without any care!"

Confidence Spell by Juniper

* Tiger's eye stone (yellow specifically)

* gold or a white candle,
 * if you want a little bit of sunflower oil

* frankincense incense.

This is to be done prior to sunrise. 

Either sit in an open window at the east or go outside and sit in a comfortable spot where the sunrise will be in view. Lay the items before you. Light the incense and candle. Set the stone in your receptive hand.  Meditate on the situation you are doing this spell for. See yourself taking on that challenge with confidence and ease. If you are doing this for general purposes, then see yourself as a confident and/or courageous person, not fearing daily problems for you know that with a clear mind you can solve it. As the sun begins to peek over the horizon lift the stone and chant:

"By the power of the rising sun and by the power of
the tiger's eye.  My  confidence shall grow, my fears shall die."

Repeat as often as necessary, until it is affirmed in your mind. Then, if you have the sunflower oil, anoint the stone with it to give it an extra enhancement.
Carry this stone with you in situations that requires
some confidence. If you must, rub the stone for


Friendship Spell to attract new friends and bring old ones closer by Juniper

*Pink candle
*Rose Quartz
*Sunflower or rose oil

Light the candle, and dress it with lavendar and either rose or sunflower oil. Say:
'Alone eas I in days gone by
But now no more to be
With this spell, I ring a bell
To bring new friends to me.

Aire Fire Land and Sea,
bring new friends to me.
From all directions be they of
Loyalty, Trust, Humor and Love
Qualities that I respect include in my friends of new
Old friends be closer and true
new friends loyal and funny,
bring them do.

Open heart and mind in life
let them not be full of strife.
Positive thoughts, words and deed
New friendship of now I plead
Calling on spirits higher than I
To bring friendships from all over the sky.
Harming none and helping all is how it shall be.
This I make true
3X3X3, So mote it be!

Close your circle and let the candle burn out.


A Spell To Look and Feel Beautiful by Juniper

*blue candle

*pink candle

* orange candle

*herb that means beauty (catnip, ginseng, etc.) and/or a stone that means the same (amber, cat's eye, jasper, etc.)

During waxing moon

Take a ritual bath. Use no electrical lights. Candles are fine (but must be orange). Add the herb(s) and/or stone(s) to the bathwater. Feel yourself glowing. Picture all your flaws becoming beautiful. If you feel the need, wash up. Shampoo your hair, etc. If you do, visualize the soap sucking up your flaws. Wash away your pain and ugliness. When you feel warm, happy, and beautiful, step out of the tub. Dry yourself off and begin your spell. Be sure not to look in the mirror until your spell is done. Light the candles. Close your eyes and picture yourself as gorgeous. Picture people being in awe about your attractiveness. Visualize yourself being completely happy. Pick up the blue candle and say,

"Blue for happiness. May I be happy. So mote it be."

Pick up the pink candle and say,

"Pink for love and friends. May I be wealthy in matters of the heart. So mote it be."

Pick up the orange one and say,

"Orange for attraction. May I be attractive and beautiful inside and out. Let all see my beauty. So mote it be."

Let happiness, love, and attractiveness fill your entire body. Meditate for about five more minutes. Blow out the candles. Go look in the mirror. Smile at what you see. You can carry the charged stone with you if you like. Note: This spell can be repeated as many times as necessary


For Self-Confidence by Juniper

Commence this nine day ritual on a Sunday. Light a Golden or Yellow colored candle and repeat nine times:

O Great Lord
Thou Art the Center of This Universe
And I am the Center of Mine
You Doubt not Your Importance
And I Doubt Not Mine
Believe in Myself I Do
Self-Confident Am I
Through and Through'


Self love and confidence spell by Juniper
*yellow candle

*pink candle

Light the pink candle and say

'I pull down love,
From high above,
The love fill my heart,
And never part,
I am able to accept love,
Now i am able to spread it.'

Light Yellow candle and say

'By the power vested in me,
I give myself strength,
I give myself confidence
In myself and the things I do,
I now believe in me,
So mote it be!'


Spell For A New Beginning by Juniper

*A White Candle 

*Scissors Or A Knife
*2-4 Inch String Or Rope
*6 Inch Square Of pale Green Fabric
* A Key
* Dried Iris Petals or Cut And Sifted Orris Root
* Dried Chamomile Or Daisy Petals
* A White Ribbon

Write your name on the candle while say:

"Fresh and clean, with flame so pure,
My Old Life i now obscure"

Visualise in vivid detail what you expect from your new life and see new opportunities unfloding to you.

Cut the string or rope in half, letting the pieces fall on the altar. Place them in the centre of the cloth square while saying:

"Remove your boundaries, Terminus.
Liberate me, Libertus"

Place the key in the centre of the cloth square while saying:

"Carna, come unlock your doors,
A new beginning, I implore"

Place the Iris petals or Orris Root in the centre of the cloth and say:

"Iris, help me cross the bridge.
Janus, give me what I wish"

Place the daisy petals of chamomile in the centre of the square cloth and say:

"Freyja, make all fresh and new.
Do now what I ask of you"

Gather the edges of the cloth together and tie them with the ribbon to form a pouch.

As you knot the ribbon say:

"A brand new life, I start today.
I seal my old life out - away.
I now embrace what come to me.
In growth and opportunity"

Let the candle burn down, then carry the pouch on your person or in your purse of breifcase.

In With The In-Crowd  by Juniper

Find the confidence to meet new people.

* Several Pieces Of Blue Wool About 3 Inches (6cm) Long

* A Piece Of White Wool About 3 Inches (6cm) Long.

*A Blue Candle

* A Candle Holder

* Matches Or  A Lighter

On an evening near to the Full Moon, take the pieces of wool. Tie a knot in the ends of the first piece so that it forms a circle. Loop the next piece of wool within the first so that it forms the beginning of a chain.

Do the same with all the rest of the blue pieces of wool until you have a line of linked circles. As you do so say:

"Circles within circles, loops within groups,

I wish to be in the company of (name of individuals or club)

By all the stars in the sky,By all the grains of sand on the beach.

I choose these as my friends, my tribe, my clan,May they hear my call.

And welcome me within their ranks.So Mote it be"

At this point, visualize yourself being warmly welcomed by your new friends or the people in your club. When the picture is strong enough, take the piece of white wool and use it to join the beginning and end of the blue wool links so that a complete circle is formed. Say:

"I shall be the newest link in the circle,

I shall bind it all together.

I shall be valued for what I can bring,

I shall be part of these friends,For as long as I wish"

Place the candle in a steady holder and place the circle of wool around the base. Light the candle while chanting:

"Fire add energy to this charm. And from it let there be no harm.

May this spell work well for me, As I do will, so mote it be"

Leave the candle burning for an hour before snuffing it out. Put the charm in a safe place and do not disturb it for at least a month.

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