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Relationship and Love spells
Relationship and Love spells 2
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Beauty, Happiness and Wealth spells 2
Beauty, Happiness and Wealth spells 3
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Arabella's Offering YOU Three Free Spells Now!
Arabella is the one responsible for turning my life around!
I cannot speak more highly of her and what she teaches.
Please read my story below - its still gives me goosebumps!

Mind the threefold law you should

Three times bad and three times good



There are NO LOVESPELLS to be found on this site which will make someone fall in love with you!!! You can not and should not interfere with people's free will! The right person will come to you, at the right time in your life. Remind the Threefold Law, you should.


 To undo a love spell by Juniper
*Picture of both parties together or write the names on a piece of paper
*A burning dish
Cut the paper between the two of you and say: 'As I cut their tie let the bond between them be broken'

Burn both halves of the paper apart. Say:  'As I burn the tie let the bond be ever severed. So Mote it be!'
Thank the deities and dismiss the circle if you have used one.
At last, bury or scatter the ashes. Use a violet or black candle and chant these words:

'Turn his heart away from me, but not so far he detests me so,
Undo the obsession (he, she) has with me, for I've no love to show.
Unrequited love isn't fair, it's better we're not together.
Make (him, her) find another love who'll stay by (his/her) side forever'


Romance Spell by Juniper

This spell is for putting the romance back into your relationship.

*2 Half-Coconut Shells

*4 Peach Stones

*2 Whole Nutmegs

*Wild Cherry Bark

*2 Tablespoons Of Powdered Ginseng Root

*2 Tablespoons Of Lemon Thyme

*6 Drops Of Musk Rose Oil

On the night of a new moon, halve all the ingredients and place them into the coconut shells. Using your fingertips, mix the ingredients together in each shell, energize them with romantic energies and repeat:

'I awaken the love and romance between (your partners name) and me,

So mote it be'

Once you have released the energy, place the coconut shells in your bedroom, ideally near your bed.


To mend a broken heart by Juniper
* blue candle
*pink candle
Light them both and say

'The bonds of the past, Can serve me no longer.
My heart is mending, And growing stronger.
As i release my sorrow and pain, my heart is free
to love again.'


To stop have feelings for someone by Juniper

* red candle

Light it and say:

'You were once my hearts desire
a look from you set me on fire
but your space in my heart has been sold
I kick your ass into the cold
you live your life, I'll live mine,
but no longer will our paths entwine
take your key from out my heart
and on good terms shall we depart'



To make your love stronger by Juniper
*pink candle

Hold a pink candle and charge it for future spells, by visualizing you and your lover in a happy loving embrace. Put the energy from this vision into the candle. Then say out loud:

'We will always love each other.
May the Goddess and God grant this
for the good of all.'


Kissing spell by Juniper


*red colour lipstick

*white paper

*red candle

*cinnamon incense


Take a red coloured lipstick and draw a lipprint on the piece of paper. Take a red candle and burn the paper while chanting:

'Kiss me when we meet

Kiss me . (name)

Great me with your lips, say you've missed me

But most of all kiss me.'


To get a marriage proposal by Juniper

*rose petals



There must be a love connection with the person you want to put a spell on. Be aware of the Rule of Three!! If you're not sure he wants to marry you, don't preform the spell.


Put rose petals and gardenia where the person sleeps,
(under the mattress is a good place)
with a calendar of the year you want to get married in.
The Magick is in The Secret of Knowing what you have done.
Keep it foremost in your mind,
what you want to achieve.





To have your ex lover leave you alone by Juniper

* white candle anointed with ecaluptus oil


'(...), you were once my hearts desire, I once loved you like a burning fire

Love and passion I felt for you, Long ago those feelings were true

Now the fire has turned to ashes , The ashes blow into the sea

Love and Passion have traveled far, Blown along by the eastern winds

Our flame will not be rekindled, The blazing fire's gone

I loved you then, But now you see

So please do not return to me ,So mote it be, so mote it be!"


Burn the candle down till it goes out symbolizing the flame between you and your old love burning out






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