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Candles and the magical meaning of their colours


White: in balance with every colour. For healing, truth, peace, moonenergie, spiritual strenght, concentration, getting rid of fear and doubt.
Yellow: activity, creativity, sun energie, happiness, self confidence, attraction, charme, intellect and optimism
Gold: use with rituals for happiness and money, intuition
Pink: romance, friendship, love
Red: passion, health, love, strenght, courage, will- power
Silver: protection from negative powers, gives courage, moon magic and to attract Goddesses
Purple : Strenght, success, idealism, healing, independence, meditation, protecting your house
Brown: for making up your mind, concentration, financial success, finding lost items

Indigo: to break curses
Light Blue: wisdom, harmony, inner peace, prosperity, success, happiness
Blue: peace, wisdom, protection during sleep, peace in house, inner peace
Grey: neutralizes negative feelings from other people towards you
Black : protection from and banish of black magic curses
Orange: encouragement, supports to do things

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